Metapace S-62 2D area imager

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Metapace S-62 bulk, 2D, Kit (USB), nero Scanner manuale, Retail, 2D, Imager, 2-35cm distanza di lettura, Tipo di protezione: IP40, incl.: Cavo (USB, diritto), Colore: nero Garanzia: 60 Mesi
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Metapace S-62, 2D, Kit (USB, a spirale), nero Scanner manuale, Retail, 2D, Imager, 2-35cm distanza di lettura, Tipo di protezione: IP40, incl.: Cavo (USB, a spirale), Piede, corsa USB a 4 vie, Colore: nero Garanzia: 60 Mesi
Prezzo speciale €135,00 €163,35

Metapace S-62

For everyone who shies away from the change to 2D scanning because of costs, but who desperately needs it, Metapace offers the 2D area imager S-62. With an attractive price tag and the latest technology it is the ideal way to break into the 2D barcode business, plus it is a secure investment for the future. It promises increased efficiency and a highly expanded application spectrum, compared to laser scanners and 1D imagers.

The S-62 masters medium scanning volumes of printed barcodes in all areas with ease. It additionally captures digital barcodes from monitors and mobile device displays. This greatly expands the areas of application of the S-62: for mobile ticketing applications in the airline and train industries this feature is a must. This also applies to the POS in retail for coupons and other mobile marketing activities. For this reason, its white lighting is easy on the eyes.

The S-62 reads all common 1D barcodes, 2D codes, PDF 417, postal and stacked codes reliably and quickly. Thanks to its green or red LED scan confirmation and additional beeper, the S-62 clearly and immediately shows the scan result. This saves from double scanning, while increasing productivity. The imager has a particularly high reading rate, even with poorly printed, faded or damaged barcodes. The two modes of operation (handheld and presentation scanning) open additional application areas to you. Both the classical handheld mode, as well as the presentation mode for hands-free scanning supports users with automatic object recognition in their daily work. Included in the delivery standard is a holder for the scanner, which guarantees secure footing when used as a presentation scanner.

Connect the S-62 area imager easily via USB. The connector cable with integrated USB hub is available from stock. Therefore you can also connect the imager even when there is no free USB port. Due to its ergonomic grip, intuitive trigger and light weight of only 120 grams, the S-62 area imager successfully prevents scanning fatigue. Its housing is IP40-protected against dust and other foreign particles.

  • Veelzijdige 2D imager met een geweldige prijs
  • Vangt alle gangbare 1D-, 2D-, post-en gestapelde codes
  • Veelzijdig: handheld en presentatie modi
  • Scan bevestiging via groene LED en beeper
  • Compleet pakket inclusief spiraalkabel en stand 


Technology Imager-Scanner
Type Scanner Cord
Manufacturer Metapace
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