Printronix T5204R / T5304R NET barcode printer

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€1.550,00 €1.875,50
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Printronix T5204R 4" TT EU 203DPI 4"HVY DUTY CUT+TRAY SER PARUSB 12 months
€2.090,00 €2.528,90
Printronix T5204R 4" TT EU 203DPI 4"REW STD EMUL 8MB SER USB 12 months
€1.720,00 €2.081,20
Printronix T5204R 4" TT EU 203DPI PNET STD EMUL 8MB SER PAR USB 12 months
€1.550,00 €1.875,50
Printronix T5204R 4" TT EU 203DPI STD EMUL 8MB SER PAR USB 12 months
€1.550,00 €1.875,50

T5000r thermische barcode printers, gebaseerd op de wereld-klasse 5r Multi-Technology Platform, web-enabled zijn, industriële-grade thermische printers ontworpen voor gebruik in veeleisende productie-of distributie-omgevingen. Printronix barcode printers in staat de uitrol van de barcode etiketten printen in de gehele supply chain met een open migratiepad naar RFID.


  • 32-bit processor for ultra-fast processing and throughput performance
  • 32MB SDRAM memory and 8MB Flash with font and image storage capability
  • 625m ribbon reduces downtime and supply cost
  • Smart Ready design provides the migration path for future RFID implementation
  • Embedded Zebra, TEC, Intermec, Sato and Datamax programming language support
  • Field-upgradeable XML forms printing with embedded industry standard forms and templates
  • Unicode with TrueType font support for worldwide compliance and local printing requirements
  • Printronix Extensible Markup Language (PXML) interface enables real-time printer management and job control
Manufacturer FEC
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