BYPOS Polyester continuous labels, glossy colored, permanent adhesive, on 3 inch core

Product code : BYPOS-10129
Warranty : 12 months

€238,00 €287,98

Colored and glossy polyester continuous labels foils on 3 inch roll core are made of very resistant material with a surface coating for outstanding color anchorage in the thermal transfer process. The high-quality permanent acrylic adhesive also offers excellent adhesion to plastic surfaces with a medium surface tension, as well as car paints. Typical applications include heat resistant labels for industrial labels in switch cabinets, as warnings on machinery and equipment, as well as high-quality and durable labels for equipment and component identification, barcode labels, type and service signs. With these colored continuous labels you are no longer bound to specific label formats. Print your labels and signs easily in your desired size

Garanzia 12 months
Manufacturer BYPOS
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